SUNDAY NIGHT SPECIAL: Night Two of the Labor Day Classic Adds to the Excitement And Solidifies the Championship Favorites

If you thought night one of the Labor Day Classic was the weekend’s peak, you would be sorely mistaken. With the 604 and 602 Late Models back for another night, and Thunder Stocks and Street Stocks joining the party, it was sure to be a good time for all who came on Sunday night.

Once again kicking off the features, the 604 Late Models had a familiar face return to victory lane for the first time since his “Flip & Win” at the Sunshine Nationals. That man would be Mark Whitener, who dominated the entire feature from the get-go. Whitener started on the front row and quickly took the lead by the end of turn 2. He would not look back the rest of the way.

604 Late Models Feature 25 Laps | 00:17:04.233

  1. 40-Mark Whitener[2]; 2. 12P-Hunter Peacock[4]; 3. 721-Joe Kump[3]; 4. 27-Garrett Lloyd[1]; 5. 17G-Nevin Gainey[8]; 6. 515-David Markham Jr[15]; 7. 14JR-Trey Mills[10]; 8. 18B-Mark Fleischer[9]; 9. 388-Jackson Hise[6]; 10. 31S-Tim Swartz[16]; 11. 16-Wyatt Gainey[14]; 12. 51A-Larry Anderson[17]; 13. 1A-Brad Fender Jr[12]; 14. (DNF) 67-Garret Stewart[13]; 15. (DNF) 51-Mikey Kopka[11]; 16. (DNF) 118-David Showers Jr[5]; 17. (DNS) 74-Jason Garver; 18. (DNS) 11K-Joshua Kunstbeck


It was all about Heath Walker in the Street Stocks as he fought off a charging herd of Rick O’Steen and Donnie Ashford to claim his first win of 2022. But it was a rough night for points leader Bruce Griffin after his car was severely damaged in an accident on the frontstretch. The points gap is only three away from O’Steen as they enter the final race on October 1st.

Street Stocks Feature 20 Laps | 00:18:55.231

  1. 55-Heath Walker[2]; 2. 66A-Donnie Ashford[4]; 3. 7R-Rick O’Steen[1]; 4. 17W-Jimmy Wagner[3]; 5. 04-Bubba Christian[5]; 6. 9-Gavin VanHoose[10]; 7. (DNF) 63-Chris Lawrence[7]; 8. (DNF) 72-Bruce Griffin[6]; 9. (DNF) 3S-Scott Stewart[8]; 10. (DNF) 83F-Kody Fisher[9]


In the past three years, it was almost guaranteed that Trey Mills would be fast and in contention to win. It was proven once again this year as he took home the 602 Late Models feature win ahead of Jason Garver and Nevin Gainey. The win also ends Nevin Gainey’s streak of winning in a Late Model that started on August 6th.

602 Late Models Feature 25 Laps | 00:37:18.046

  1. 14JR-Trey Mills[1]; 2. 01-Jason Garver[2]; 3. 26-Nevin Gainey[4]; 4. 2-Trynt Lloyd[5]; 5. 388-Jackson Hise[8]; 6. 55-Devin Walker[9]; 7. 86-Chase Collins[13]; 8. 1AR-Travis Staats[12]; 9. M51-Mark Steube[14]; 10. 31-Tim Swartz[7]; 11. 80-Paul Shead[3]; 12. 18-Austin Leamon[10]; 13. 21D-Lenny Dallman[18]; 14. 22-Chris Hunter[19]; 15. 35R-Robbie Hager[15]; 16. 1J-Jason Papp[16]; 17. (DNF) 53-Brandon Yates[6]; 18. (DNF) 44P-Kole Platt[11]; 19. (DNF) 3C-Cale Gilbert[17]


The Thunder Stocks was a special night for winner Patrick Thomas, as it would be his first ever win on dirt after years of racing asphalt cars. He controlled most of the night ahead of Jason Gamble and Justin Reynolds, who would finish third.

Thunder Stocks Feature 20 Laps | 00:19:22.709

  1. 25-Patrick Thomas[2]; 2. 21-Jason Gamble[6]; 3. 20-Justin Reynolds[7]; 4. 91-Bubba Christian[5]; 5. 69-Mikey Kopka[8]; 6. 12-Curt Spencer[11]; 7. 9AR-Charlie Staats[15]; 8. 1-Tanner Thomas[1]; 9. 41-Eddie Gainey[3]; 10. 00-Shaun Daugharty[4]; 11. 22-Jonathan Croson[9]; 12. 73-David Szczepanik[18]; 13. 30-Chris Jeune[10]; 14. 38-Charles King[16]; 15. 82D-Robbie Hager[13]; 16. 33T-DANIEL TECKENBROCK[12]; 17. 10S-Ronnie Scarberry[14]; 18. 27-Jordan Strickland[17]


The next race at the World’s Fastest Half Mile will be the Fall Classic on September 17th. It will feature the Top Gun Sprint Car Series alongside your favorite local classes. Tickets start at $20, with kids 12 and under receiving free admission. Gates will open at 4:00PM, with Hot Laps at 6:00PM. For more information on the next race and other events held at the track, visit

Can’t make it to the track? You can also watch all the action live on DIRTVision. Coverage starts with Hot Laps at 6:00PM. Head to their site at or click here for more.


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Volusia Speedway Park, The World’s Fastest Half Mile, is a dirt track located in DeLeon Springs, Florida. Home of prestigious events like the DIRTcar Nationals, Sunshine Nationals and the Dale & Emil Reutimann Memorial, the track hosts weekly races year round with divisions of late models, UMP modifieds, 3/4 modifieds, street stocks and thunder stocks. The track also hosts the American Flat Track Series and dirt karting races at the facility.