3/4th Modified Rules

Driver Safety

  1. All cars must be in safe operational order as to not injure yourself, other drivers, track safety crew and/or spectators
  2. Mandatory – Fire extinguisher needs to be fully charged and visible and within arm reach of driver Must have a minimum of three windshield bars
  3. Mandatory – door plates need to be minimum 16 gauge to protect driver from injury on 90% of the door bars. Entire floor under the driver seat/ legs shall be minimum 16 gauge thickness.
    Minimum 16 gauge plate on the firewall for foot protection. Window net is optional
  4. Mandatory – Disconnect must be placed on top right side of deck, accessible for track safety crew and driver
  5. Mandatory – Race fire-proof suit will comply with home track SFI rules
  6. Mandatory – Fire proof shoes and gloves (socks and underwear are optional)
  7. Mandatory – Helmet must be full face with home track compliance of Snell or DOT rating
  8. Mandatory – Car must be equipped with a 5-point safety harness no more than 5 years old
  9. Mandatory – Head and neck restraint and/or Hans device for under 18 years of age, others are recommended but optional
  10. Mandatory – High back racing seat
  11. Mandatory – Quick release steering wheel Mandatory – Race receivers

Body Specifications

  1. All body panels will be of aluminum construction NO aftermarket plastic body panels except fiberglass roof panels will be permitted. Fiberglass noses, Fiberglass Roofs
  2. Side skirts and rub rails are permitted
  3. Optional side bars can be exposed and are encouraged; they are not to exceed the width of the tires at any point. No sharp edges and all tubing is to be rounded and securely attached
  4. Spoiler is a maximum height of 6 inches with no minimum, must be permanently affixed to car with no adjustments that can be made from the cockpit/driver seat
  5. 7 inch max rake on body from front of firewall to rear of spoiler attach point on the deck, roof must be no more than 3 inches raked from deck.
  6. 60 inch maximum width on the body outside to outside, may have an additonal 2” taper to the bottom on one side only
  7. Ride height will have a 4 inch minimum
  8. Wickers 1 inch front nose and roof sides only
  9. Dimensions of body
    • C. 36 INCHES MINIMUM AND 41 INCHES Maximum
      1. 1. Roof will have no more than a 3 inch rake (variance) from deck. Fire wall to tail.
      2. 2. Roof outside stability rail no more than 1 inch in height.
    • A. Sail panel 48 inches minimum and 56 inches maximum (panels must be solid no cut-outs)
    • Sail panels will have no more than a 2 inch rake (variance) from highest point of roof using a level line.
    • 28 inch maximum length
    • 32 inch maximum
    • Hood sides 4 inch maximum
    • 30 inch maximum

Car Weight

  1. All cars must meet a minimum weight of 1300lbs with the driver in seat
  2. Any added weight must be securely mounted to the cars chassis and painted white with the car number on it.

Motor Specifications

  1. High performance engines or parts are not permitted even if they came from the factory. Must be base line stock engines. Example; a Camaro SS vs. a stock Camaro is an unfairadvantage. 200 maximum horsepower
  2. Engines must remain stock, including airbox
  3. Wiring harness cutting is permitted
  4. 1000cc fuel injected or 1100 cc carbureted maximum
  5. Can be any Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, or Yamaha manufacturer, date is not to exceed 2 calendar years
  6. No traction control is allowed, if motor comes equipped it must be disassembled prior to season starting
  7. Engine mode cannot be controlled from inside the car
  8. Power commander 5 or Dobeck commanders are permitted. Air to Fuel ratio mixture only!
  9. No modifications of any kind will be allowed to internal engine or parts within
  10. Stock air cleaners shall be intact
  11. Motor must be securely mounted forward of cockpit
  12. At any time during the season your motor may be subject to Tech without notice


  1. 3 link assembly only, no 4 link permitted
  2. No spring bar – solid or biscuit bar only. Center link to be 24 inch maximum
  3. Center link and J – Bar need to be of solid construction and cannot be adjustable from center of bars
  4. Solid swing arms only
  5. No chains in a-arm left front
  6. Springs need to be 1” 7/8 coil over springs, no bump stops, no wedge bolts
  7. Shocks need to be 1” 5/8 Bilstein and/or Brian Finney certified, one shock per corner
  8. Steel drive shaft only
  9. Steering shaft to be steel with at least one universal knuckle to prevent steering shaft from coming straight into driver.
  10. Brake bias is permitted
  11. No driver shall have the ability of any kind to adjust suspension from inside of car
  12. Rear-end needs to be a Toyota or Quick Change

Frame Specifications

  1. Wheel base will be 88-92”
  2. Track Width no more than 4” each side past the body at its widest point, or a maximum track width of 70 inches outside tire to outside tire. If a tire is more than 4 inches outside the body a nerf bar is required to prevent wheel hops.
  3. All chassis must have a minimum of 3 door bars on drivers’ side 1 1/2 .095, must be minimum 16 gauge steel armor on 90% of drivers side.
  4. All must have a front and rear bumper with a minimum of 1”x.083 round tubing
  5. Chassis must have sufficient cross bracing and must be structurally sound as deemed by Tech
  6. Roll cage over drivers head must be a minimum of 1.5” x .095 round tubing to protect driver
  7. Top of roll cage must be 2” minimum above the top of drivers’ helmet
  8. Main cage around driver must be 4 point, 1 ½ .095 tubing, including 3 door bars minimum
  9. Frame rails can be round or box steel tubing

Exhaust/ Brakes

  1. Exhaust must be securely fastened to frame and engine
  2. 3 wheel brakes are mandatory, 4th is optional
  3. Steel rotors mandatory, cutting and scalloping of rotors will be allowed, surface must not be less than ¼ inch in width and competition type twin master cylinders are permitted
  4. NO high performance exhaust systems permitted, cutting of factory headers for routing purposes is permitted


  1. Tires must be a Hoosier Star Racing Tires –Compound Medium only sizes of 205,215,235 60-13 no cross grooving, not scythed
  2. Tires are not to be chemically treated in anyway and must pass punch test/ lab test when sampled. Tires will be held until lab results are final as necessary.
  3. 13×8 maximum size steel wheels only, bead lock wheels are optional
  4. Offset is up to driver/owner discretion

Fuel/Fuel Cell/ Battery

  1. Fuel Cell must be a safe after-market fuel cell of steel casing with bladder. Must be securely fastened to the frame with 2 inch steel straps on top of cell for mounting.
  2. Pump fuel only must be between 87 octane and 93 octane only, no race fuel or additives of any kind will be allowed with the exception of Ethanol eliminator.
  3. Fuel will be subject to tech prior to races
  4. Battery must be secure and fastened down with steel or aluminum strapping, an On/Off disconnect switch must be placed in upper right side of deck, reachable from outside the car by track safety personnel and inside the car by the driver


  1. Car number must be 12” in height 2” stroke must be displayed on both sides of car and on roof.
  2. Car must display all sponsors, drivers have retained and class series sponsors as well.
  3. All graphics must be tastefully done as not to offend others

Organization/Class Rules

  1. When purchasing a used/new ¾ Modified and if car is found to not be compliant with class rules you will be given one bye week to make necessary adjustments to make right, unless this is a larger than normal purse or special event then you must be in compliant with all rules.
  2. Body infractions will always be given a one week bye week.
  3. Cars must look like the Florida UMP Modified with the exception of no cut outs in sail panels

Driver Conduct

  1. Rough/dirty driving will not be tolerated within the class
  2. Drivers/owners will conduct themselves in a professional manner
  3. Drivers/owners will be responsible for their own conduct, crew and guest
  4. Any threatening remarks or gestures toward anyone whether it be another driver, owner, track official, crew member or spectator, the owner/driver stands a chance of disqualification.
  5. No bashing of any kind will be allowed on Social Media or public forums. If brought to the tracks attention and it is deemed detrimental to the class, the driver can face
    suspension or banned from class. This pertains to any track bashing as well. Track or track personnel bashing of any kind on social media or public forums is strongly
    prohibited and will result in a complete ban from the ¾ Modified class, events, points and all races. Govern yourself and your crew accordingly. The tracks can be
    reached for any issues regarding track/ track personnel conduct.

Disciplinary Actions

All disciplinary actions will be at the discretion of the track


Protest or appeals of any kind needs to be presented to the track Above rules are to be used as a guide, if for any reason a situation is not covered by said rules then the track may amend or add rules at any time as long as they are fair and just within the class as not to hinder or benefit the ability of anyone racing within the class. Owners, drivers, crew and spectators assume all
responsibility. Participate at your own risk. Have fun and be safe!